Bang and Olufsen is a company that strikes hard just with its vision statement. The brand focuses on the idea of ‘LIKE NO ONE ELSE’ and they prove it through their innovative designs and bold products. The company is a leader of different and state of the art televisions, speakers and sound systems. They have a variety of products in the above three categories, ranging from speakers and TVs that are large enough to be installed in rooms and halls to portable, on the go devices that come in handy when you need to create a bit of personal style while travelling. The company’s products don’t just rely on style but also surpass in their ability to provide the best technology and features with their products, never compromising on style, of course.

Danish company which offers high-end televisions, all with the latest OLED technology that has taken the world by storm, home audio speakers and loud speakers, along with many other products. Because of the intricate designs of their products, the company hires and trains people that can easily, safely and without any hassle, help you install their products in your homes. My brother and I are currently following courses provided by Bang and Olufsen and are approved installers and handlers for their products.

The first step in buying a Bang and Olufsen product is to go through their nearest store or through their website and compare their products with your needs. This is when the specs and technical aspects of the products will need to be studied. Next, you look at the design of your home, and compare and contrast the best style television or sound system, whatever you are in the market for, which will go with your look. There are many options to choose from, their vast gallery offers to a great insight into ways you can make your living room or bedroom look high end, without compromising on quality and technological steps.
The next step is by far the most strenuous and mentally draining. Buying the product is the easy part, the real test is to transport and install the item. Lucky for you, this is where we come in! With the services provides by me and my brother, you won’t have to lift a finger and we will take care of the entire process.
We start off by offering our services for the moving, carrying and packing of the Bang and Olufsen products. We know it’s always tricky handling such delicate equipment but we have been trained to carry out the best procedure to ensure safe transportation. Our installation services offer everything from the beginning to the end. This includes the packing, the installation, the configuration, the servicing and the administration as well.
When you hire us for installation, we take care of everything. For example, sometimes when you want to install a TV on a wall, the walls need to be strengthened or the cables need to be hidden to ensure the aesthetic is not ruined. We handle these tasks as part of our installation package, however we try our best to be as invasive as possible to ensure minimum hassle to our clients. We try to make sure the client has as less to worry about as possible. For some of the Bang and Olufsen products, there are special considerations that need to be taken, for example for the 85 inches TV offered by the company, a 120kg vase is required. This isn’t a problem for us since we have all the equipment required to transport and handle such products.

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